This taping system is much different than conventional taping methods utilized today. Instead of circumferential applications (going around and around a body part continuously), which constricts movement and blood flow, Rock Taping (RT) and Functional Taping (FT) methods are applied in strips in specific locations of a body. This results in stabilizing, but providing refined proper movement, by assisting the soft tissues to be supportive, yet enhancing their effective movement and creating a healing environment. The conditions and injuries treated by these taping methods are many, from muscle strains, ligament and joint sprains, chronic inflammatory conditions, joint instability, fasciitis and tendonosis conditions. Dr. Cleveland performs these taping procedures. The look on the face of the athlete following a taping procedure says it all-WOW! Dr. Cleveland credits Dr. Tim Brown for teaching him to think outside the box and learn to treat the person and the function rather than treating the condition to relieve the symptom.

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