Nutrition can mean many things to many people. As Dr. Cleveland’s colleague and friend Dr. Brian says, “Supplement not Substitute”. Nutrition starts with eating and balancing fats, carbs, proteins, and proportions to fuel your body to be strong, fit, and healthy. The next step is nutritional supplements, as food alone cannot provide some of the necessary and vital measures to maintain and improve one’s overall health and wellbeing. The most important nutritional considerations are quality and research. Most nutritional companies claim this, but don’t really do this. Only a small percentage of nutritional companies have true quality control of their nutrition from raw product to a finished nutritional product. Few nutritional companies actually research their own products, and instead borrow research from like products. Dr. Cleveland spent his first two years in practice working with a Diplomate doctor in nutrition, reading blood exams and working with patients and nutrition. Together, Dr. Brian and Dr. Cleveland are bringing about changes and improving lives through nutrition with eating and with high quality and researched supplements. Look for their nutritional workshops monthly in Cleveland Fitness Center, and get signed up to find out the next steps that will change your life and the lives of others.

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