Dr. James Cyriax, a Medical Doctor from London, England, may be the father of Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM). He states that all pain arises from a lesion, all treatments must reach the lesion and all treatments must exert a beneficial effect on the lesion. Soft tissue is comprised of muscle, ligament, fascia, and tendon tissue. Lesions in these tissues can be effectively reduced by STM therapy, reducing pain and improving overall function and stability of these tissues. STM is performed by hand and many patients report feeling relief of their pain in one session. Only skilled practitioners who have an understanding of diagnosed conditions and perform STM get these type of results. Dr. Cleveland is a skilled STM Doctor employing these techniques and getting results when many other types of treatment fail. Dr. Cleveland studied under some of the best STM Doctors in their field: Dr. Joseph Horrigan, Dr. Tim Brown, Dr. Warren Hammer, and Dr. Michael Leahy, to name a few. An evaluation by Dr. Cleveland can determine whether these treatments will benefit your condition.

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