One of the main components to overall healthiness of muscle and joint function is stretching and strengthening to enhance function and prevent injury. Stretching helps to improve muscle range of motion, flexibility, blood circulation, and overall strength. Abnormally shortened and tight muscles may not be strong enough to support joints and can predispose to injury. This is not just for athletes. We all need to stretch in order to protect and enhance our mobility and ultimately our independence. Strengthening helps to improve body biomechanics, protect bones and muscle mass loss, keeps your weight down as well as shedding pounds, and can actually play a role in disease prevention (arthritis, bone density loss, diabetes). It will also boost your energy level and improve your quality of life, and will actually burn calories during strengthening as well as after your workout, and makes you feel stronger and fitter.

Dr. Cleveland is a strength and conditioning specialist through the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. He can help you meet your goals through programs specifically designed for you. Whether it’s the Fitness Center or by other means, there is a program that can help each individual.

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